Market Manager, Britany Fink-Meiklen

Britany Fink-Meiklen was hired in the spring of 2015 to run our market and connect us to the community in old and new ways. After just a few months, she is already having a very positive impact on our market! Britany and her husband have lived in Wenatchee for just a few months. They came from Skagit County where Britany was quite involved in the farming scene.

She has a degree in Sustainable Agriculture from Skagit Valley College and worked with Viva Farms, a certified organic incubator farm near Burlington. Over the past several years Britany has dedicated herself to agriculture, the importance of eating locally grown foods and supporting local merchants. She enjoys working with diverse groups of people in unique settings.

Britany’s management experience comes from a number of years working in wildland firefighting with the Washington State Department of Natural Resources (DNR), US Forest Service, as well as her experiences at Viva Farms. She is also the program spokesperson for the sustainable agriculture program at Skagit Valley College.

A good knowledge of farmers markets and a friendly personality are two great qualities that Britany brings to the position. But most of all, Britany has a strong passion for food, farming and the importance of supporting a community by providing an opportunity for farmers and small businesses to be successful. Our Wenatchee Valley Farmers Market will continue to thrive and grow under the guidance of Britany.

If you haven’t already, please help us welcome her to the market!