We met Kim and Mike McGregor of McGregor Farms who were selling honey products from their bees.‚Äč During the conversation they mentioned that they were looking for places to put hives to increase production and variety of honey.

We were considering bee keeping as a way to produce honey, help with local pollination of wild flowers and promote bee activity. Mike and Kim were looking for a place to host hives in trade for some honey. This was the perfect opportunity. We did not need too much honey, we want bees in the area and it helps out a local honey producer. And best of all, there was no work involved other than providing a space and helping mike unload the pallets of hives. A little over a week ago Mike arrived at 5:00 AM with a truck load of bee hives, six pallets. Bees are less active in the early morning hours. I met Mike in our pasture with my skid steer loader and pallet forks and helped him unload six pallets, with four hives on each pallet. It is great to have the space being used productively. Please visit my blog to see more.