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Miranda and I found our passion for growing healthy, nutrient dense vegetables in 2016 when we started a small raised bed garden and began experimenting with microgreens and indoor vertical growing. We were both in the customer service industry working dead-end jobs and felt something was missing. Growing some of our own food as well as microgreens sparked a desire to grow honest, healthy food for the community.

We are currently a 1.5-acre bio-intensive, regenerative market garden that produces nutrient-dense vegetables, microgreens, gourmet mushrooms and fresh eggs inside the city limits of beautiful Wenatchee, Washington. We are not certified organic; however, we follow all the same practices by using only organic compost, organic seeds, and organic soil amendments. We supply a local grocery store, two farmers markets as well as on-farm pick-up orders and are starting to take sign-ups for our first Fall CSA as well as a 2021 CSA. With our significant climate advantage, southern farm slope and growing practices, you will find the earliest and most consistent vegetables of the season at our booth.

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