2020 WVFM Vendor Requirements: 

1. Each Vendor will be expected to provide a volunteer or volunteer themselves with set up, take down and/or during the market hours to help implement social distancing and crowd control. They will not be expected to do this every week, but once or twice a month. The Market Manager will make arrangements each week as necessary.

2. Each Vendor must wear a face mask.

3. Vendors must not handle money and product with the same unwashed hand or glove. Either have one staff member entirely in charge of payments, or make sure you wear a clean glove or wash/sanitize hands after handling money.

4. Increased distancing between each stall. Your reserved spot might be in a slightly different location this year.

5. All items must be picked and bagged by the Vendor not by the customer. Consider pre-bagging/packaging items.

6. Vendors must put signs up to remind customers of “Do Not Touch” rule.

7. Consider displaying a large sign listing all of the items that you have so that shoppers are prepared when coming up to your booth.

8. Encourage your customers to order ahead and prepay as much as possible.

9. We recommend hands free payment options and limiting cash transactions, such as Venmo or Paypal. Or Apple Pay

10. Create a boundary between booths and do not allow customers to cross between booths.

11. Minimize conversations with customers and focus on the transaction to keep the lines moving efficiently.

2020 WVFM Safety Measures: 

1. A single entrance and exit to the market. Allow 3 customers per number of total vendors in the market at a time.

2. Designating Volunteer staff to monitor entrance, exit and implement social distancing rules and crowd control.

3. Providing hand washing/sanitizing stations in the market.

4. Spreading out the spacing between each market booth to increase social distancing within the market.

5. Eliminating non-essential services including artisan vendors, non-profits, live entertainment and events. Only farmers, processors who sell food and concessionaires are allowed to vend.

6. No sampling or tastings allowed. Concessionaires must provide food to-go only.

7. Eliminating seating areas to prevent customers lingering around.

8. Increasing signage throughout the market to assist with distancing and communication with our shoppers.

9. Continue to promote our vendors online and through social media platforms to encourage customers to pre order and shop local.

2020 Customer Safety Guidelines:

1. Enter the market at the single designated entrance at the south end of the market near the Pybus Plaza. Be prepared to queue up to enter, follow social distancing guidelines, and follow the directions of the market staff.

2. Exit the market at the single exit on the north side of the market near Mike’s Meats. Traffic flow is one way thru the market and out the otherside.

3. Designate one shopper per household. Please leave children and high risk individuals at home.

4. No touching of any product. Your Vendor will help you!

5. No eating at the market. All food must be to-go. All produce should be washed at home before eating.

6. Use face coverings (mouth & nose). Please consider wearing a face mask to protect yourself and others.

7. NO PETS (Service animals allowed).

8. Be prepared with payment options. Limit cash transactions.

9. Maintain 6’ distancing at all times. We will provide visual cues and have volunteers help with distancing.

10. Make a list before coming to limit your visit. Limit your shopping to less than 15 minutes.

11. Feeling sick or been exposed to someone who is sick? We ask that you please stay home.

12. No public restrooms will be provided.

13. Be patient & kind. We are in this together!